EZ Gauze

Compressed Gauze for Effective Wound Packing


The unique folding and dispensing system makes our compressed gauze the ideal solution for fast and easy wound packing. The system allows our gauze to be easily used and cut with virtually no wasted gauze or time. In pre-hospital emergency care scenarios, rolled gauze can become damaged and lose its sterility. 

TyTek Medical’s compressed gauze maintains sterility in rugged, compact packaging that facilitates wound packing and wound dressing. In wound packing situations, gauze removal from the wound tract is made easier because EZ-Gauze is a continuous-feed gauze. It is removed in a single continuous piece, as opposed to removing an unknown number of 4×4 gauze pads from the wound.


  • 4 yards, 6-ply, 4.5” sterile compressed gauze
  • Vacuum sealed for maximum portability
  • Easy-open white tear notches for quick and easy access for wound packing and wound dressing
  • Unique z-fold dispensing system resulting in controlled application with no wasted gauze

Watch the Bleeding Control Pouch in action

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