4″ and 6″ Trauma Bandages

Simple and effective pressure dressings


Our 4″ and 6″ Trauma Bandages are simple and effective pressure dressings providing hemorrhage control in pre-hospital emergency care situations. Our pressure dressings incorporate a non-stick pad affixed to the bandage, delivering a one-step fast application of the pressure dressing, eliminating the need for separate gauze pads and elastic wraps.

Unlike traditional elastic wraps which roll away or become uncontrollable in the field, our trauma bandages have integrated hook and loop stays throughout the bandage, ensuring controllability in all applications. Additionally, instead of separate clips or tabs, which can be easily lost, our pressure dressings have integrated clips at the end of the bandage to easily secure the trauma bandage to the patient.


  • Sterile, non-stick pad suitable for applying immediate pressure to wounds
  • Easy-open white tear notches for easy ID and quick access
  • Intermittent hook and loop prevents trauma bandage from unrolling during application
  • Simple, quick, controlled and effective pressure dressing system
  • Vacuum sealed to minimize cubic space
  • Most cost effective trauma bandage on the market

4” Trauma Bandage dimensions:

  • Bandage: L 60” +/- 4” x W 4”
  • Packaged: L 4 ½” x W 2 ½” x D 1 ¾”
  • Weight: 2.6 oz

6” Trauma Bandage dimensions:

  • Bandage: L 60” +/- 4” x W 6”
  • Packaged: L 6” x W 2 ½” x D 2”
  • Weight: 4 oz

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