TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency medical products. Our emergency medical supplies were designed and engineered for military medics specifically for use in conflict zones. Our priority is ensuring that our equipment reaches those in need in Ukraine.

Their success in combat zones caused our trauma products to be demanded by non-military first responders – Search & Rescue, Fire/EMS, Ski Patrol, Remote/Wilderness EMS and Tactical EMS teams. TyTek Medical’s emergency medical products allow first responders to stabilize critical injuries until patients can be safely transported, or until further medical assistance arrives.


The PneumoDart is a reliable solution for treating a tension pneumothorax injury. Our needle is 3.25” which is the optimal length as recommended by the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

TPAK Chest Decompression Needle

TyTek Medical’s 14 and 10 gauge TPAK chest decompression needles are the recommended 3.25″ length for treating a tension pneumothorax.

Bleeding Control Station

Each wall mounted Bleeding Control Station contains eight Bleeding Control kits and a disposable litter.

Bleeding Control Pouch

The Bleeding Control Pouch is designed to wear on your belt or keep in your vehicle allowing full mobility when it is needed most.


The unique folding and dispensing system makes our compressed gauze the ideal solution for fast and easy wound packing.

Abdominal Trauma Bandage

TyTek Medical’s Abdominal Trauma Bandage is a pressure dressing providing hemorrhage control for abdominal and large extremity wounds in pre-hospital emergency care.

4″ and 6″ Trauma Bandages

Our 4″ and 6″ Trauma Bandages are simple and effective pressure dressings providing hemorrhage control in pre-hospital emergency care situations.

5 ½” and 7 ¼” Piranha Trauma Shears

TyTek Medicalʼs 5 1/2” & 7 1/4” Piranha Trauma Shears are a premium grade shears, engineered to meet and exceed the militaryʼs stringent standards

TVAC – Portable Suction Unit

TyTek Medical’s disposable portable suction unit with its resilient silicone bulb performs reliably in even the harshest climates without loss of suction.


TyTek Medical’s XTricate is our tech rescue extrication and immobilization sleeve. XTricate is ideal in confined space rescue and tech rescue scenarios

Xtricate Lyte

The Xtricate Lyte is a high performance, low cost disposable emergency stretcher, independant labaratory tested load capacity of 500lbs.

TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid, and are in use all over the world.