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Helping you prepare for the unthinkable

Already this year the US has already been faced with an abundance of deliberate attacks.These tragic incidents are unpredicted and targeted at civilians in work, schools and public spaces.

A legislative solution to these catastrophic events is trying to contain what has become a serious epidemic. It’s becoming imperative that all members of the public are prepared during a mass casualty incident to prevent the loss of life.

Here at TyTek Medical we manufacture compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid on the battlefield, but they are now available to help you with military style wounds in civilian environments.


Where do you keep a Bleeding Control Station or Pouch? 

The TyTek Medical’s bleeding control equipment has been designed to helps bystanders to become first or zero responders if a trauma victim has a catastrophic bleed.

Our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant Bleeding Control Stations can be wall-mounted in public spaces such as malls, schools, transport hubs, hotels, corporate buildings, places of worship and sports/entertainment venues.

Each station contains eight individual Bleeding Control Kits that can be detached and opened quickly and easily. This essential solution educates, equips and empowers you to calmly and efficiently assist victims in a deliberate attack.

Following on from the development of our Bleeding Control Station, TyTek Medical designed the Bleeding Control Pouch. This time-critical emergency pouch provides full mobility, it can be stored in a safe place at work, home or in a vehicle, ready to be used when it’s needed most. We’re literally on your side.


When would you need to use the bleeding control emergency equipment?

Our range of time-critical emergency medical supplies are purposed to help members of the public save lives in the event of an unpredicted attack. A trauma victim can bleed to death in five minutes, often before even the quickest of emergency services can arrive at the scene. 

Last week the US saw another terrifying mass shooting, within the Sprawling Complex in Milwaukee, an individual broke fire killing six innocent people and injuring a total of 17.

Unfortunately, the US are faced with 100’s of firearm related incidents each year. To prevent the loss of life businesses and members of the public should be prepared to act as first responders before a professional emergency team arrive at the scene.

Our bleeding control supplies include a basic instruction sheet, allowing you to calmly and safety use the equipment to stop a bleed and save a trauma victims life.


How do you use the bleeding control equipment?

Both of the bleeding control emergency response solutions have been designed to be used by untrained first responders (bystanders).

The Bleeding Control pouch contains:

1 Instructions for Use Card, 2 Pairs of Nitrile Medical Gloves, 1 Compression Bandage (6”), 2 Z-Fold Gauze, 1 Pair of Piranha Trauma Shears (5.5”), 1 Windlass Tourniquet, 1 Black Permanent Marker.

Take a look at the Bleeding Control Pouch

The Bleeding Control Station individual kit contains:

1 Instructions for Use Card, 2 Pairs of Nitrile Medical Gloves, 1 Compression Bandage (6”), 2 Z-Fold Gauze, 1 Pair of Piranha Trauma Shears (5.5”), 1 Windlass Tourniquet, 1 Black Permanent Marker.

Take a look at how to use our Bleed Control Station


If you are looking for specific contents to comply with mandates which are not listed above please talk to us about your requirements.

TyTek Medical are here to help, Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our range of pre-hospital emergency supplies and training. Be safe, be vigilant, be prepared!



TyTek Medical’s approach addresses the needs of the medical market which is achieved through a solution culture partnership between us and you, the customer.