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Five Life-saving Benefits of Ptensys

Ptensys (pt platinum ten minutes system) is a customised system that has everything you need to provide first response care to victims in the event of a mass casualty incident. It gives you the tools toPtensys Cart and Kitbag deliver lifesaving assistance to those affected.

Developed over two years TyTek has worked closely with the world renowned Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Cincinnati to cherry pick the vital equipment needed to maintain lives while responders on the ground wait for emergency services to arrive. Another stark truth is that, frustratingly, for them, they are often unable to access victims until a site has been secured.

1.Quick Response 

Experience and research tells us that there is an initial ten minute period following a catastrophic event when medical aid can make a huge difference to survival and eventual recovery, this is known as the platinum ten minutes.

The problem is that most of the medical equipment needed only arrives once professional EMS first responders can access the scene. The Ptensys kits hold a wide range of vital equipment designed to address severe trauma, these include: haemorrhage, airway compromise, pneumothorax, and hypothermia. This allows trauma victims to get the medical assistance they need immediately. In night or low visibility situations, telescopic LED lighting can quickly be put up to assist those giving aid. 

2. Trauma Care 

This is maximized for the most seriously injured in any catastrophic event, getting immediate care is obviously more vital and with the Ptensys system available on site in transport hubs, sorts and entertainment venues, hotels malls and schools for instance for instance, it means that those on site have all the tools they need to deliver lifesaving assistance. Most standard medical and first aid packs contain only rudimentary supplies which, although effective, can only do so much.  

3. Onsite Supplies 

Many ambulances and other emergency vehicles and staff arriving on site may not have the sheer volume equipment required to effectively address a catastrophic event. The presence of Ptensys means medical personnel, once on the scene, can continue to do their job with this additional equipment already onsite.

4. Assistance for Medical Personnel Caught Up in an Event 

It’s often the case in events where there are numerous casualties that there will be off-duty medical staff including doctors and nurses who are already on site. That means they can use equipment Ptensys kits to provide real lifesaving care with the tools they need e.g. tourniquets and gauze without having to improvise or wait for emergency services to arrive.  

5. Treating Serious Injuries 

The secure and robust Ptensys carts are strategically located on sites such as sports stadia and are GPS linked. Their contents in the form of kit bags, triage and airway sections have been developed to deal effectively with the most challenging circumstances.  Equipment initially designed for US Department of Defense. Is now available in the civilian market, to give casualties the best chance of survival if they have a serious, life threatening injury. 


TyTek Medical’s approach addresses the needs of the medical market which is achieved through a solution culture partnership between us and you, the customer.