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The Platinum Ten Minutes: The Key to Survival When Catastrophe Strikes

Military personnel involved in war zones will often talk about the golden hour when they need to get to casualties in the field and administer medical aid. When teams reach a wounded soldier they Ptensys Kitbagoften not only have to figure out what care is needed but have to cope with a possible conflict continuing to rage around them. In many cases, the big challenge is being able to stop bleeding and, if possible, get a blood transfusion for the injured party. Many casualties lose their lives because of that initial blood loss.

More often now, doctors talk about the platinum ten minutes. For many victims in a catastrophe this is the short window after the event when providing care is vitally important. It can literally mean the difference between life and death for many. In military situations, medical teams are often primed for readiness, they're looking to get out to the combat zone as quickly as possible. As we're all too aware in the modern world, however, life-threatening events can happen anywhere. The trouble is, most of us are simply unprepared.

The key to survival for many people involved in a traumatic event, be it the aftermath of a hurricane, earthquake or a terrorist attack, is the time it takes to get them to an area where advanced care is available. No matter how hard we try, the amount of medical care that we can give on site is limited, not only by the equipment we have but the abilities and knowledge we possess.

Being able to stop or stem bleeding or carry out emergency procedures that give a victim the best chance of survival is crucial. A lot of things can make a difference in that platinum ten minutes. The location where an incident occurs, for one. The time it takes emergency vehicles and other help to arrive is another. Whether you have someone on site who has medical experience is almost certainly another factor. So is the equipment that you have to hand at the time you most need it.

Ptensys is a customized portable medical facility that aims to give those on the scene of any catastrophic event a leading edge. It contains life-saving equipment for dealing with hemorrhage, airway compromise, pneumothorax, and hypothermia. Each essential pre-hospital kit within the carts also contain extendable LED spotlights so those administering aid have optimum visibility in low light situations.

Any traumatic incident can turn our world into something akin to a battlefield and the chaos that ensues can seem overwhelming. Having the right medical kit on site, however, may mean the difference between life and death for those involved.


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