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Medical manufacturer returns to region to showcase new life saving product

A West Midlands born and bred entrepreneur and engineer is returning to his home region to showcase an innovative medical breakthrough at the Emergency Services Show 2016. 

Chris Tyler's company TyTek Medical produce compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. They will present an advanced PneumoDart.

This innovation is a reliable solution for treating a tension pneumothorax injury, or sucking chest wound. 

Current methods for treating this injury include the application of a plastic seal over the chest wound to inserting a needle catheter into the chest to drain air out of the chest and relieve pressure. However, successful application of a traditional pneumothorax needle has proven difficult to achieve. 

Chris said: “It's great to be back home, this is a very exciting time and we’re looking forward to a good response to PneumoDart from first responders. Initially our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid and now they are in demand by emergency services all over the world." 

It was inspired by an idea considered by the US based Tactical Combat Casualty Care committee and developed with Cincinatti based Tytek’s partners at H&H Medical who worked with the US Department of Defense during a robust testing and evaluation phase. 

TyTek’s emergency products were designed and engineered specifically for use in the current Middle East conflicts to meet Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines. The success of Tytek Medical’s product range in combat zones has led to demand from non-military first responders in: Fire/EMS, Search and Rescue, Ski Patrol, Remote/Wilderness EMS and Tactical EMS teams. 

Chris added: “Ultimately our pre-hospital emergency medical supplies allow first responders to stabilise critical patients until they can be safely transported or until further medical assistance arrives.

”Solihull born and bred Chris concluded “Our global reputation for innovation is growing and the PneumoDart offers better efficiency, safety and important physical features. It has a veress safety tip to reduce the risk of puncturing internal organs when inserted. It also includes a visible cap head to monitor air or blood leaving the chest. Lastly, a luer lock cap allows for an active drawing or elimination of air or blood from the chest.” 

They will also feature their emergency rescue extraction device XTricate. It is designed for use in confined space rescue scenarios allowing both vertical and horizontal lifting and support. 

The innovation has been rated highest in its category for strength - independently tested to carry over 1,000 lbs in weight.



TyTek Medical’s approach addresses the needs of the medical market which is achieved through a solution culture partnership between us and you, the customer.