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How do I learn to stop a bleed?

You can learn how to stop severe bleeding through our education hub, where you will find instructional videos on how to pack wounds, use a tourniquet as well as key things to look out for when stopping a bleed.

How do I use a tourniquet correctly and effectively?

You can learn how to use one here or read our intuitive blog here.

Where can I find product specifications?

You can find these on each individual product page, where you can download at your convenience.

How do I become trained in First Aid?

How do I become a Distributor?

You can get in touch with our team here to start the process.

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TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid, and are in use all over the world.