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Emergency Preparedness

Between 2007-2016 there were 112,342 terror attacks resulting in 524,229 casualties (approximately the population of Sheffield or Las Vegas) across the globe* not to mention those left with psychological conditions.  

Emergency preparedness are the actions you plan to take in the event of a critical emergency to preserve life.  Developing a plan can dramatically reduce loss of life in those initial critical moments during and after an event. Often in such events emergency services aren't on site or immediately available and a simple well thought out plan can offer some peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.  Without a plan can you categorically say you've done everything you could to minimize risk to employees and customers? 

Major incidents and disasters are thankfully rare and the hope is that you never have to call upon a Emergency Preparedness Plan but with the increasing number of terror attacks, active shooters and violent crime incidents it is best to plan.   

TyTek has developed a range of PTENSYS® branded solutions to meet your emergency preparedness challenges head on.  Speak to us about your Emergency Preparedness Plan we can ensure you have the right equipment and supplies in place before emergency services arrive.




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