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35% of pre-hospital fatalities are due to a severe bleed

Take a look at our mutliple download sheets and educational videos to gain a better understanding on bleed control.

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Time Critical Emergency Supplies Brochure

TyTek Medical’s emergency medical products allow first responders to administer life-saving trauma care, stabilizing patients until they can be transported.


Preparation is everything, save time and potentially save a life.

If you, a family member, friend, or colleague, suffered a catastrophic bleed – Would you know what to do next?

TyTek Medical - Community Brochure

Bleeding Control Products Brochure

TyTek Medical products were developed for the battlefield. Almost every day, however, we see and hear how civilians have suffered military style injuries following a deliberate attack or accident. 

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TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid, and are in use all over the world.