What are the different types of bandages and dressings available for bleeding control?

Apr 22, 2024

In moments of crisis, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Whether it’s the aftermath of a traumatic incident like a shooting in the USA or a knife crime in the UK, or even a simple accident at home or in the workplace, having the right tools at hand can save lives. Among these crucial tools are bandages and dressings, which are essential components of bleeding control. Read on to find out more about the different types of bandages and dressings available, focusing on bleeding control effectiveness.

The Importance of Point-of-Injury Access

When emergencies strike, accessibility to first aid supplies becomes paramount. Point-of-injury access ensures that individuals can swiftly address wounds, minimizing blood loss and increasing the chances of survival. This is particularly crucial in scenarios where emergency services may face delays, such as mass casualty incidents or remote locations.

In the context of rising incidents like mass shootings in the USA and knife crime in the UK, the need for immediate bleeding control measures is evident. In these situations, bystanders often become zero responders, underscoring the significance of accessible first aid supplies. Equipping public spaces, schools, and workplaces with bleeding control kits and stations can empower individuals to take swift action and mitigate the consequences of severe bleeding.

Types of Bandages and Dressings

Pressure Dressings

Designed to apply direct pressure to wounds, pressure dressings are effective in controlling bleeding from injuries like lacerations and puncture wounds. They typically consist of an absorbent pad with an attached bandage that can be wrapped securely around the wound site.

Abdominal Trauma Bandage: A pressure dressing providing hemorrhage control for abdominal and large extremity wounds in pre-hospital emergency care. The integrated large 12″ x 12″ non-stick pad makes this pressure dressing an ideal solution for managing massive wounds. This dressing delivers a one-step fast application of the pressure dressing, eliminating the need for separate gauze pads and elastic wraps. 

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4” and 6” Trauma Bandages: Our simple and effective pressure dressings which provide effective bleeding control in pre-hospital emergency care situations. Our pressure dressings incorporate a non-stick pad affixed to the bandage, delivering a one-step fast application of the pressure dressing, eliminating the need for separate gauze pads and elastic wraps. 

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Gauze Dressings

Versatile and widely used, gauze dressings are available in various forms, including sterile gauze pads and rolls. These dressings are highly absorbent and can be applied directly to wounds or used in conjunction with other bandages for added pressure.

EZ Gauze: Compressed Gauze for Effective Wound Packing, our unique folding and dispensing system makes the compressed gauze an ideal solution for fast and easy wound packing. The system allows our gauze to be easily used and cut with virtually no wasted gauze or time.

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TyTek Medical’s bandages and gauze range are available to purchase in the EU (CE Marked) and the USA.

Full bleeding control solutions

If you are looking for a full solution which includes all of the necessary dressings and gauze needed, then installing a wall-mounted bleeding control station is a fantastic option to have a point-of-injury, easily accessible bleeding control supply in an emergency. You can purchase our bleeding control stations here. (only available in the USA.)


In times of crisis, the ability to provide prompt and effective bleeding control can be lifesaving. Access to a range of bandages and dressings empowers individuals to respond swiftly to traumatic injuries, mitigating the risk of severe blood loss. Furthermore, ensuring point-of-injury access to first aid supplies is imperative, particularly in the face of rising incidents of violence and accidents.

By familiarizing ourselves with different types of bandages and dressings and advocating for widespread availability of bleeding control kits, we can enhance community resilience and save lives when every second counts.

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