Top tips on how to use an abdominal bandage for severe bleeding

Feb 21, 2023

At TyTek, we are experts at creating military-inspired medical supplies, to prepare you for any pre-hospital emergency situation. Whether you are a medical professional, or a basic skill level in first aid, it’s key for all of us to have knowledge on how to treat a severe bleed in case we are witness to one. A person can bleed out in as little as 5 minutes, and the highest cause of pre-hospital fatalities is severe bleeding. In this short blog we are going to give you top tips on how to use an abdominal bandage, in case of severe bleeding.

First things first, remember ABC!

If you are witness to a medical emergency such as a traumatic bleed, it’s vital to act fast to stop the bleeding. In this case, you would be referred to as a ‘Zero Responder’ which is a term to describe the first person at the scene, prior to the emergency first responders. In many scenarios, it can take a certain amount of time for first responders to arrive, such as if you live in a rural location. Therefore, the first thing to do is to identify the bleed and remember ABC: alert, bleeding, compress. Alert 911/(equivalent in your country) would be the first step to take. You can read about ABC in more detail here. 

Abdominal bandage use for severe bleeding

When it comes to medical care in an emergency, generally you will need to use whatever is quickest at reach. Workplaces for example, will have first aid or bleeding control kits which may include a pressure dressing such as an abdominal bandage. These types of bandages provide hemorrhage control for abdominal and large extremity wounds. Conventional elastic wraps can roll away, or become difficult to manage in the field, Our abdominal bandage has an integrated 12″ x 12″ non-stick pad, which is an ideal pressure dressing solution for managing large wounds. Not only this, but it’s a one-step application which eliminates the need to use separate gauze and pads, as well as being a user-friendly medical supply to keep handy.

Abdominal Bandage by TyTek Medical

Special features include:

  • Sterile, oversized 12” x 12” non-stick pad suitable for applying immediate pressure
  • Easy-open white tear notches for quick access
  • Intermittent hook and loop prevents pressure dressing from unrolling during application
  • Simple, quick, controlled and effective pressure dressing system
  • Vacuum sealed to minimize cubic space
  • Most cost effective large wound trauma bandage on the market

How to use an abdominal bandage:

To use our bandage, you simply open out and apply the pad to the wound, wrapping the bandage around. Top tip: twisting the bandage around will apply direct pressure over the wound. With the integrated clips at the end of the bandage, you will be able to secure the bandage easily without additional clips getting lost in the process. It’s KEY to be able to use medical supplies that are quick and easy to use, you can discover more about our abdominal bandage here. 

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