TyTek Calls for Public-Use Medical Equipment as School Shootings Spike amid Pandemic Stress

Feb 8, 2022

TyTek Medical is calling for emergency medical equipment to be readily available in schools, following four school shootings taking place in the same week.

The first shooting took place following a high school basketball game in Beloit, Winconsin where a 19-year-old former student was shot. 

In Milwaukee, five teenage girls were shot and injured outside Rufus King High School and the third shooting took place outside Chaparral High School in Las Vegas which left three teenagers hospitalized. 

A student was killed outside the South Education Center in Minneapolis and two students from the school have been arrested and charged.

We do not know just how much of toil the pandemic has taken on younger generations but signs are emerging that the stresses and challenges of the pandemic are worsening gun violence in American schools. 

“Kids are walking into a system that has been massively weakened,” said Ron Avi Astor, a school violence expert at UCLA. “We’re going to see a variety of different forms of gun violence and violence in general. We’re in a situation where things are going to get worse.”

The pandemic, increases in overall community violence and breakdowns in family structures – all of these issues have created a “tsunami of mental health needs” in school, Ron Avi Astor said.

Along with this, teachers and administrators are not equipped with the tools to deal with these issues due to burnout, lack of staff and illness.

This combination is resulting in a shocking rise in school shootings in the US. Campuses across the U.S. has already seen 141 shootings so far during the 2021-22 school year, which is more than at any point in the previous decade, according to Everytown for Gun Safety.

According to Jillian Peterson, a criminology professor at Hamline University, the availability of guns is another factor for the increase in shootings. In 2021, there were consistent monthly record gun sales and Peterson said far too many of those guns are not secured in homes, allowing teenagers to access them.

So what can be done?

One of the most important things schools can do right now, Peterson said, is create crisis response systems and teams so that students and teachers can report their concerns about specific students. 

Here at TyTek, we also believe schools need to be better equipped with easily-accessible emergency medical equipment should a shooting take place. 

Our wall mounted Bleeding Control Station contains eight Bleeding Control Kits and a disposable litter. The kits are perforated to ensure that they can be detached and opened quickly and easily. 

Every second of the Platinum Ten minutes counts (highlighted in recent medical research as the key time in which you can save lives) and this kit will help you to help others.

To ensure staff members and students feel empowered to save a life, they should also receive training in using emergency medical equipment. It could be a matter of life or death. We are all capable of saving a life whilst waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

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Source: Reuters