Stabbing turns fatal in London, UK; TyTek is here to provide life-saving support

Dec 13, 2022

Over in the UK, a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder when a victim in his 20’s was discovered with stab wounds early Saturday morning. The victim was found outside of King’s College Hospital, at 04:55 am and was said to have been driven to hospital by a friend. Detectives believe the victim was stabbed in Clapham High Street.

 Image creds: BBC

“The Met said on discovering the injured man, officers had administered first aid and had arranged for him to be treated at the hospital, but he died soon after.” – BBC

The cause of death was confirmed by a post-mortem examination to have been from stab injuries; detectives are urging anybody to get in touch with the police. We send our deepest thoughts and prayers with the victim’s family and friends and praise first responders for doing all they could. Hearing of lives lost due to stab injuries is far too common in the UK; Knife-enabled crime recorded by the police saw a 10% increase in the year ending March 2022 according to the Office for National Statistics. Due to this increase we are seeing many campaigns for reducing knife crime, with two graffiti artworks appearing in Newcastle bearing the slogans “Knives take lives” and “Knives down”. The graffiti appeared as a result of another young life taken by knife crime.

Knife crime is a problem which is only increasing in the UK; there are many things as a community we can do to try and educate the youth about the dangers of carrying knives. However, at TyTek Medical we are here to provide medical education and resources as well as military-grade emergency supplies that will save lives.

TyTek Medical are here to provide point-of-injury bleeding control care, saving lives.

Our bleeding control stations are suitable for many public places, in a bid to provide point-of-injury trauma care. Whilst defibrillators are a necessary medical device for instant care, we believe that bleeding control supplies should be just as important, as 35% of pre-hospital fatalities are due to bleeding from a traumatic injury. Providing access to user-friendly bleed control supplies is crucial especially for stab injuries, as a witness can administer first aid before the first responders arrive. Bleeding out can happen in as little as 5 minutes, so it’s absolutely key to act as quickly as possible.

Bleeding control pouch

As well as our wall-mounted stations, our bleeding control pouches are a viable solution to preventing fatalities from a severe bleed, and are easy to use for all kinds of first-aid skill sets. We also provide our education hub, for free and informative tutorials on how to treat severe bleeds which you can check out here. 

We aim to provide as much support as possible when it comes to all things medical, if you’re looking for more information on how to become better medically prepared, please get in touch with our friendly team and we are happy to help.

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