Rise in Fatalities in the Mining Industry calls for Necessary Confined Space Rescue

Apr 12, 2022

Significant concerns are rising in the Mining Industry, as fatalities are increasing year on year since 2020. According to the department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) chief inspector of mines David Msiza, infrastructure and practices desperately need to adapt and innovate to avoid loss of life. In addition, health and safety challenges continue to increase due to operations standards slipping and shortcuts as a result of production pressure.

Mining fatalities had been at 615 in 1993 and steadily decreased year-on-year until 2019, when it reached an all-time low of 51. However, in 2020 it rose again to 60, then 74 in 2021.” – Mining Weekly 

Every industry is looking to innovate and abandon outdated ways of working for many reasons, but for the industrial sectors change is more crucial than simply improving admin efficiency. It’s a matter of survival and every life is priceless, which is why more needs to be done. First responders need to have clear accessibility to the patient as the first step to performing medical care and if they cannot get that access, fatalities can be the result. For the Mining Industry in particular, workers are subjected to confined spaces as the norm, so accessibility to provide medical care and emergency rescue is absolutely essential.

At TyTek Medical, we know how detrimental confined space rescue is to the industries such as mining, so we introduced the Xtricate – a tech rescue extrication and immobilization sleeve, versatile for tech rescue situations. Its versatility is key for allowing vertical and horizontal lifting support, ideal for different types of mining scenarios. The Xtricate is extremely durable, having been independently lab tested to carry over 1,000lbs.

Core Features & Benefits

Our emergency medical products have been engineered to allow first responders to administer life-saving trauma care, stabilizing patients until they can be transported. XTricate is the next level of medical care, providing that necessary transportation from moment of trauma to hospital care.. Here are some core features and benefits:

  • Immobilizes patients with neck or spinal injuries
  • One vertical lifting point and 4 horizontal lifting points for helicopter hoist capability
  • Five chest and leg straps and one fail safe strap which are secured with military spec buckles
  • Spine board compartment and adjustable head and chin straps
  • Removable head blocks with medic easy-access holes
  • Zippered storage compartments
  • 12 Padded carry handles
  • Easy to clean and waterproof

To find out more about legislations and key information please visit our site where you can download a spec sheet: https://bit.ly/37akMJY

If you’re in industry and would be interested in finding out more about Xtricate, feel free to contact us. We are located in North America, U.K. and Asia and we are happy to help: https://bit.ly/3vbbRQw