What’s a reliable solution for tension pneumothorax treatment?

Oct 4, 2022

A tension pneumothorax injury may not be a term that the average person is familiar with. However, for those who work within the medical or military field – it’s an injury which can occur for a number of reasons and the result can be life or death. But what is a reliable solution for tension pneumothorax treatment?

Firstly, let’s define tension pneumothorax

Pneumothorax or tension pneumothorax is an injury referring to a partial or collapsed lung. It occurs when air leaks into the space between your lung and chest wall, resulting in the lung collapsing. When it becomes a ‘tension pneumothorax’ this becomes much more life-threatening and includes air getting trapped and building pressure. But how can this happen? A few causes of pneumothorax can include:

  • Particular medical procedures
  • A penetrating chest injury
  • Underlying or previous chest injury/disease

Or sometimes an unknown cause. For these injuries it’s important to act fast, however the treatments are only to be performed by trained medical personnel. Main symptoms if not obvious can be sudden chest pain or shortness of breath and in extreme cases such as an impaled object, treatment needs to be administered quickly to save lives.

The PneumoDart is perfect for tension pneumothorax treatment

Typical methods of tension pneumothorax treatment include the application of a plastic seal over the chest wound to inserting a needle catheter into the chest to drain air out of the chest and relieve pressure. However, successful application of a traditional pneumothorax needle has proven difficult. Sometimes a small pneumothorax can heal on its own, but it’s very important to visit your doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms.

At TyTek Medical, we are here not only to provide important medical supplies, but to educate our customers on the importance of understanding key medical terms. If you want to find out more about basic first aid then visit our education hub for videos and more. In terms of medical supplies, we have created a superior treatment for tension pneumothorax in the form of a decompression needle called PneumoDart – exclusive to TyTek. 

The PneumoDart has been created for medical professionals who are acting in a pre-hospital trauma setting such as the aftermath of a shooting or a road traffic collision. Recent studies have shown that standard decompression needle lengths are not long enough to reach the thoracic cavity in a large percentage of adults. That’s why our needle is 3.25” which is the optimal length as recommended by the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) who inspired the PneumoDart and we developed it with the US Department of Defense during a robust testing and evaluation phase.


Why should you have PneumoDart in your medical stock?

Many medical distributors around the world already support the use of TyTek’s decompression needle range, but what are the benefits? It addresses the handicaps regular chest decompression needles have, to ensure you stay on course for effective trauma care. PneumoDart offers efficiency, safety and important physical features such as:

  • 3.25” medical grade stainless steel needle
  • Compact and portable packaging
  • Transparent luer lock cap
  • Veress safety tip
  • Visual penetration indicator

We have a limited time offer on the PneumoDart: Right now you can get 1000 units for just $14.99! – act fast and fill out the form today to redeem the offer.

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