Mass Shooting in Cincinnati results in 9 injuries, TyTek Medical praises quick authority response

Aug 8, 2022

Over the weekend, a mass shooting occurred in a place close to home for us at TyTek. Police respond to the attack in downtown Cincinnati in the early hours of Sunday. According to authorities, the shooting started as a physical altercation between two groups and shots were fired after the shooter had fled, leading them to believe there were two attackers. As well as this, another two people were injured in a shooting located in Cincinnati’s central business district, although it is unknown if the two events were related. 

Mass shooting in downtown Cincinnati

The nine victims, aged 23 to 47, were released from the University of Cincinnati’s medical center by Sunday Morning as they luckily weren’t in critical condition. In addition, Lt. Col. Mike John of Cincinnati’s Police Department had many praises for Officer Joe Shook and his partner, who reacted quickly and returned fire which most definitely saved lives. After the officers deployed two bangs into the air, the large crowds dispersed as they were making way for ambulance services to attend to the victims. In such events, it’s always positive to see that the authorities acted quickly to prevent further incidents and trauma, which resulted in as far as we understand, no fatalities. 

Although, the police are still on the hunt for at least 2 gunmen

Cincinnati’s Mayor Aftab Pureval called the shooting “an absolute tragedy.” “What took place last night is completely and totally unacceptable,” Pureval said. “The gun violence we are seeing in our communities cannot and will not persist, and we will continue to work hard to prevent gun violence in the future.” – CNN

Local authorities are asking anybody who witnessed the shooting to come forward with any information they may have to help bring justice, as these shootings cannot continue to happen without the attackers dealing with the consequences. As a country, we want to see the amount of mass shootings decrease and if possible eradicate, so we urge anybody to come forward with any information that will help.

At TyTek Medical, whilst we cannot erase the tragedy of shootings occurring, we can provide necessary medical support to those who need it, from experienced first responders to bystanders with no experience in first aid. Our medical supplies have been created for point-of-injury efficiency, as almost everyday we hear of an incident where a civilian has suffered a traumatic injury. We truly believe in being as medically prepared as possible, as you never know what your day may incur, therefore we have prioritized creating user-friendly supplies. 

TyTek’s Bleeding Control Stations are perfect for large gathering areas

Every minute counts when it comes to controlling a bleed, especially if it is a traumatic one from an injury such as a shooting. “Defibrillators and fire extinguishers are placed in malls and schools etc. as standard, and emergency medics agree with the inclusion of bleeding control equipment in public spaces to be equally valid.” – Chris Tyler, TyTek Group President 

tytek medical's award-winning products

To save lives, emergency supplies need to be more readily available for those to administer first aid before the ambulance services arrive, as this is the most vital time to stop a bleed from becoming fatal. Our Bleeding Control products contain seven essential elements, which are evidence-based, Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care recommended, and hand-picked by our Physician Advisory Board. 

As well as this, our award-winning bleeding control stations can be installed in the workplace, in public and at home. Providing medical access wherever you are is key and if you’re looking for extra information on our supplies then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, as well as follow us on our socials for extra medical advice.