Fatal mass shooting in Oslo, Norway during Pride Month shakes the nation and the White House sends their deepest regards

Jun 27, 2022

An unusual turn of events occurred in Norway this week, as what is usually a pretty safe nation turned into horror with a mass shooting resulting in 2 fatalities. Oslo’s annual Pride event was cancelled on Saturday following the deadly shooting near the London Pub, as a safety precaution advised by the police. The horrific display is being identified as a possible terrorist attack and the authorities managed to apprehend the male suspect 3 minutes after their arrival. The shooting left at least 10 people seriously injured and sadly 2 fatalities, with the suspect believed to have been known by authorities since 2015. 

Fatal mass shooting in Oslo


Norway is generally said to be a very safe country, with many people ranking it one of the best places to live. So an occurrence like this is shocking news to the world and of course devastating to the victims involved. According to CNN “prosecutor Christian Hatlo said the terrorism charge was justified on the basis of the number of injured and dead people, the number of crime scenes and an “overall assessment” indicating that the accused intended to “create serious fear in the population.” – CNN

The U.S. has reportedly been in touch with the Norwegian government to offer their sincere condolences and any support they may need in wake of the tragic event. As well as this, the White House has stated it’s pure horror as the shooter targeted the LGBTQ+ community, saying their hearts go out to all families and anybody victims involved. Whenever these kinds of events happen, it’s deeply saddening for everybody as what is meant to be a place for people to enjoy their evenings and have fun has resulted in loss of lives, which puts a cloud of fear across all who wish to go to these clubs or similar in the future. 

We have to come together when our country and allies are suffering from mass shootings and at TyTek Group we send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims in Norway, as well as the shaken up public and government. We want to send our support to those who may need it, as we not only provide this for the US. We are active in sending out vital support to Europe, such as Ukraine in the form of emergency medical supplies as well as providing a medical knowledge hub to anybody who needs it. Our education hub contains a plethora of medical information from how to stop a severe bleed, to valuable community guides. 

Becoming medically prepared even at basic levels cannot be stressed enough, not only for first aiders but to the general public. In a turn of events such as this, it’s important to understand basic first aid to save lives before the first responders arrive. At TyTek, we are here to be that point-of-call when it comes to all things medical: 

“Almost every day, we see and hear about civilians suffering traumatic injuries following an accident or attack. As a result, we have prioritized the treatment of point-of-injury bleeding in public spaces.”Chris Tyler, TyTek Group President. 

You never know what is going to occur everyday, so we aim to provide necessary medical equipment such as our bleeding control stations in mass gathering areas including schools, transport hubs and entertainment areas. That way in case of a serious emergency, any witness to such events can have access to supplies that are user friendly, potentially saving a life. If you’re a business which holds gatherings of people and you’re looking to provide medical equipment in your workplace don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we operate globally and have HQ’s in U.S., Europe and Asia. 

Source: CNN