Black Country terrorized by three shootings in three days!

Oct 6, 2020

Over in the UK, there have been three shootings in three days in parts of the Black Country, within the West Midlands area. Although Police say that the incidents were not linked, it has created widespread shock and worry as one of the incidents was a shooting at a college through a classroom window! Luckily, no one was injured and the students were swiftly led to safety. One witness described the event – 

“Luckily it went straight through the middle of the room and hit the pillar closest to the wall. On the floor was a piece of plaster and a little metal capsule, it was quite scary.”

The following day, a man was shot and seriously injured in his car, less than 10 miles from the first shooting. It is believed that he was able to drive away from the scene, but was later found slumped in his car.

The final incident proved fatal as two men were shot and killed in the car park of a local industrial estate, again, only a few miles from the previous incident. All over the world, we are seeing random attacks such as these, terrorize and shock local communities. Are we really prepared for these attacks, or could more be done?

Imagine if the outcome of the school shooting had been different? Within a school environment it is important to factor in every aspect of emergency preparedness due to the large size of classrooms and also the duty of care that comes with being an educator. Are schools really ready to deal with random attacks?

Over in the US, we are starting to see Bleed Control products become part of the norm, alongside standard first aid kits. These products are the first step in bleed control and can be useful in everyday emergencies such as vehicle accidents, sporting injuries or general classroom accidents. They can be kept in localized areas that can be easily accessed by staff/students, before emergency services arrive. Could we see these start to be implemented in schools within the UK?

As we enter into October, the National Preparedness initiative has come to an end but we should always continue to educate ourselves on the importance of emergency preparedness, and how random attacks may strike out of the blue!

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