Six surprising uses for Piranha Trauma Shears

Mar 3, 2019

The TyTek Medical Piranha Trauma Shears are the very best tactical shears on the market. They are used all around the world by medical professionals who need the best equipment available when they are working in high-pressure situations.

But the uses for these shears don’t stop in the medical world, surprisingly, we have found them to be incredibly versatile while out in the woods. So, if you’re planning a ‘Bear Grylls’ type camping trip now that Spring has sprung, cut to the chase because we think you’ll find these six surprising uses for the Piranha Trauma Shears extremely valuable:

1. Collecting kindling 

The Piranha Shears can cut through metal components on clothing; this means they easily help you collect some kindling for your fire. You can safely use the shears to cut kindling, dry grass, bark and any other type of fire starting material down to size with one hand without any of the risks that come with an axe or a knife. You can also use them to clear paths from hanging debris in the forest if you need to!

2. Fire lighting

The shears are made of a premium-grade stainless steel, so although you can’t throw sparks from them with a flint, you can use them to strike a ferro rod. You can use the blade itself to do this or the back of the blade to persevere the cutting edge. We don’t recommend doing this every time you make a fire, but in an emergency, the Piranha’s are there for you.

3. Collecting resin, bark and other cool stuff

You can collect pine resin for pine pitch if you need a bit of glue. The shears help do this by quickly cutting through the sticky resin without any harm coming to the tree. You can also use them to collect birch bark before; they offer a very controllable cut which is exactly what you need when tackling that sort of bark. As well as this, they help collect fungus, mushrooms and other wild edibles when out foraging.

4. Fishing tasks

If you love to fish, it appears the Piranha’s do too. Any cutting tasks involving fishing line are easy with the shears. You can also prune away the reeds to get to the fish as well. We haven’t tried this yet, but they may even help you make your own flies when you are trout fishing. Plus, the rubber handles make them really easy to use when your hands are wet.

5. Repairing clothes and equipment

Piranha shears can cut through just about any material which makes them perfect for repairing gear. Even if your bag is broken, the shear will have no problem cutting through the canvas and helping you patch it back up. They are a vital piece of our sewing kit now.

6. Around the camp

Cutting meat, shortening ridge lines, making natural cordage around the fire, you’ll be surprised at how many camp tasks can be done using these shears. One of our favourite things to do after we have made camp for the night is making birch bark bowls by the fire. They are the perfect camp companion.

Piranha Trauma Shears allow you to save the all-important cutting edge of your knife for when you absolutely need it. They should always be in your kit whenever you are venturing off into the woods, not only are they an extremely handy and safe tool, but they could save your life one day, and that alone is reason enough to carry them.

If you can think of any other uses for the Piranha Trauma Shears please let us know by tweeting us @BleedingControl.