From the battlefield to the general public

Oct 9, 2019

Another unpredicted attack took place last week in Paris Police Headquarters – A co-worker rampaged through the building stabbing four employees to death.

The attack came a day after police went on strike across France over the increasing violence towards officers.

Statistics show that attacks against the police have risen 15 percent this year alone! We ask, is it time to arm the police with not only protective gear but aftermath control kits too? 

Today we delve into five reasons why bleed control kits are becoming a necessity: 

1. We are all first responders 

In the uncertain, complex and ambiguous world that we all live in nobody can be sure what is waiting around the corner – As evidently seen in Paris last week. 

It’s essential that we, as members of the pubic, are prepared for a disaster to occur at any moment. Victims of serious uncontrolled bleeding can die within minutes, no matter how fast members of the emergency services can drive, on many occasions they are too late. 

Bystanders are first to the scene and first to respond to the incident, so why not prepare people to respond productivity and potentially save lives? 

2. A kit that could save 1000s of lives a year

Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death in multiple casualty events, such as mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and earthquakes.

TyTek Medical provide bleed control stations – These contain multiple bleed control kits which can be detached and opened quickly and easily. Our priority is making every minute of the platinum ten minutes count. 

The kits are designed for people that have no medical knowledge – From dentists to athletes, we don’t expect you to understand medical jargon or us complex equipment. The kits contains basic medical apparatus alongside an instruction sheet to help guide you through the process.

3. We should be protecting our local community

21 attacks and counting…This year so far at least 124 people have been killed in deadly mass shootings across America – With this number increasing year on year what are we doing to protect members of the public in these direr situations? 

Slowly but surely the importance of bleed control kits is being recognised, with a growing number becoming readily available within local communities. From fast-food restaurants to public libraries, this could ultimately reduce mass attacks and finally start reducing gun and knife crime across the world. 

4. Preparing our children for the worst 

We can only imagine the difference bleed control kits could have made in the devastating attacks that have happened in schools over recent years. 

Schools across America have been installing bleed control kits and providing training to prepare children for those life threatening incidents. 

This doesn’t only physically prepare children for an attack but mentally equips them to deal with catastrophic injuries. We have the responsibility to deter a ‘scream and run’ attitude and educate children on how they can implement to required strategies to potentially help save lives. 

5. Are we finally flighting back on gun and knife crime?

We could say that with the amount of deadly massacres happening across the US it is evidently becoming a serious epidemic. 

There has been many debates and protests to tighten gun laws with no clear substance behind any of them. However, businesses are fighting back to protect employees and members of the public by providing bleed control kits and offering essential training in the event of a mass casualty attack. 

It’s certain that nobody can completely mentally or physically prepare themselves for these traumatising events. However, if we have the opportunity to provide the public with crucial equipment and information that could save lives why isn’t this at the forefront of all of our minds? 

For more information on the bleed control kits we provide and how they can make a difference click here