Airport Show 2019: Reach new heights with TyTek Medical

Apr 8, 2019

At TyTek we address the issues that are often left unsaid. In this scenario every person, regardless of their age or income or politics or location, will benefit from emergency preparedness should the unthinkable happen.

In recent years, deliberate attacks have become an everyday risk to the general public – particularly in transport hubs and airports. In March 2016, bombings at Brussels airport killed 32 people from around the world. Just a year later, a mass shooting occurred at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Five people were killed and eight were wounded.

In February 2019, a knifeman with a bomb was found at Brisbane International Airport.

Not only do these examples expose the vulnerability of airports, but it highlights the critical need for emergency preparedness. It’s time for an alternative:

Safety protocols in mass casualty situations, such as lockdowns, can delay the emergency services from accessing the scene of an attack. However, the first ten minutes of a trauma injury, known as the ‘Platinum 10’, is the most critical time to save lives.

This is why we’ve created PTENSYS (Platinum TEN SYStem) – a readily available, customisable solution for any emergency situation. Essentially, we provide everything you need to save lives.

How does it work?

Our team of medical experts provide an on-site risk and vulnerability assessment. We then recommend a bespoke solution, which includes an appropriate cache of medical supplies for your situation.

PTENSYS can respond to injuries such as hemorrhage, airway compromise, pneumothorax and hypothermia.
The customisable solution has been dubbed “a revolutionary stand-alone answer to the uncertainties of modern mass gathering.”

Plus, the cabinets can be easily stored and discretely positioned in areas such as check-in sites, terminals and gates.

We also offer wall mounted Bleeding Control Stations, with eight kits housed in every station. Each kit has a range of critical equipment, including Piranha trauma shears, gauze and bandages and a windlass tourniquet.

Ultimately, our products were designed for the battlefield, but with civilians receiving military style injuries, we offer you peace of mind and allow on-site, instant treatment for trauma victims.

Join us at the Airport Show 2019 to discuss our leading range of products and services in more detail.

Our team of experts will be exhibiting from 29th April – 1st May on Stand 4230.
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