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Bleeding Control  Station

Our range of time critical emergency medical supplies are premium grade, originally engineered for the military which are now available to help you with bleeding control in civilian environments.

A trauma victim can bleed to death in five minutes, often before even the quickest of emergency services can arrive at the scene. This essential solution educates, equips and empowers you to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

Bleeding Control Stations

We now offer Bleeding Control Stations, these can be wall mounted in shopping centers, schools, transport hubs, hotels, houses of worship, corporate buildings and sports/entertainment venues – Anywhere there are large amounts of people, who can be innocently caught up in a deliberate attack or experience a day-to-day bleeding emergency.  They are specifically designed to provide quick access to the bleeding control kits.

We offer 3 versions of bleeding control; Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate versions containing a roll of 8 (Standard) or 6 bleeding control kits (Enhanced and Ultimate),  should an incident occur the roll of kits hang to allow individual kits torn off and distributed as required quickly.  Every station also includes an emergency litter.

Standard Bleeding Control Kits

Each wall mounted Standard Bleeding Control Station contains eight Bleeding Control Kits and a disposable litter. The kits are perforated to ensure that they can be detached and opened quickly and easily. Every second of the Platinum Ten minutes counts (highlighted in recent medical research as the key time in which you can save lives) and this kit will help you to help others.

Individually the kits contain:

The dimension of the Bleeding Control Station is 19.5" (W) x 20" (H) x 4" (D), excluding hinges and latch, making the cabinet ADA compliant negating the need for recessing walls.

Please note: If you are looking for other specific contents or you would like to apply your logo please talk to us about your requirements.

The Bleeding Control Stations are ADA standard compliant. 



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Our bleeding control stations have a unique quick access system, watch it in action here:




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