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Meet the TyTek Medical Advisory Panel

TyTek Medical is far more than just a manufacturer and supplier of emergency medical supplies for EMS professionals.

We have a permanent Advisory Panel that makes us your partner as well. Our panel consists of professionals just like you. They are a valuable asset as we develop the products first responders need. They test our products in the field, monitor product performance and suggest improvements we can make and features we can add.

You can meet our Advisory Panel of experts by simply clicking on the pictures below.  

Eric Lembke

Dr Dustin Calhoun

Dustin Calhoun is an Assistant Professor at the  University of Cincinnati and is a physician at UC Medical Center and West Chester Hospital. He holds medical board certifications in emergency medicine and EMS medicine.

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TyTek Medical’s approach addresses the needs of the medical market which is achieved through a solution culture partnership between us and you, the customer.